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I do Realization Process work for clarity. That clarity helps me to better attune to the mind and body and opens the path to Spiritualism. 

I do T’ai Chi Chih, Joy Thru Movement to keep me healthy, humble and open to the next step.

Diana Bahn at MSHS Cancer Support Services

About Diana

I have been on a two-fold path ever since I can remember where health and self-reliance were my holy grails. Sometimes that led me to higher education: Cornell University, BA English 1982; Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy April 23, 1989; New York State Massage Therapy License October 20, 1989; Certification in Personal Training, American Council on Exercise since February 2005.

Other times that led me to places less known, the Realization Process and T’ai Chi Chih, being two of these places very dear to my heart. 

Diana Bahn teaching T'ai Chi Chih on World T'ai Chi Day

I have been practicing and teaching T’ai Chi Chih steadily since my certification in 2002. I am committed to the Realization Process as an important vehicle to help myself and others stay open and receptive to life. I have been teaching an ongoing weekly Realization Process Meditation class for over five years.

Certification as a Realization Process Practitioner June 14, 2009

Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Teacher October 27, 2002

Accredited Seijaku (Advanced T’ai Chi Chih) Teacher October 24, 2004


Mountains in Telluride, CO

As society gets more stressed and dissociated from nature, we need resources to dip back into what is our deepest connection to self and the greater world. 

In the Realization Process we work with “embodied non-duality” as a way to deepen our meditation experience. We learn to stabilize in our physical/emotional-psychological and spiritual growth so that we can come to live as our authentic self.

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Meditators are ready
for anything

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I have Certification as a Realization Process Practitioner (June 14, 2009) in Meditation, The Healing Ground & Movement/Embodiment training(s).

I teach Realization Process Meditation Class on Monday nights from 7-8:15PM.

I do private sessions by appointment and also am a Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist.

Contact me for class, appointments, or for more information.

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Diana Bahn teaching T'ai Chi Chih on World T'ai Chi Day

T’ai Chi Chih is a simple approach to two of the biggest problems we human beings face: taking care of ourselves and taking care of others.

When we access the CHI, it changes us both physically and mentally and there is great opportunity to grow. We not only start to feel better, have more energy, improve our balance, forget some of our aches and pains, we also learn to be more flexible, friendly, happier and self-reliant no matter our age.


Benefits of T’ai Chi Chih:

-improvements in balance & coordination
-an increase in muscle strength
-better focus & concentration
-opportunities for social interaction
-stress reduction
-lower blood pressure

Cherry Blossom Tree

Justin Stone, the originator of T’ai Chi Chih, traveled in Asia over a twenty year period studying T’ai Chi Ch’uan, yoga and meditation, and other Eastern practices. T’ai Chi Chih combines the benefits of those other arts and is easy to practice.

T’ai Chi Chih is a moving meditation consisting of 19 moves and one pose. It is slow, repetitive, gentle movement that “activates, balances and circulates CHI”.

To live an authentic life, a person has to occasionally ask the question, “Who am I?” and step away from the habits and conditioning that hold them back so they can expand.

I teach a free class on Tuesday from 3-4pm at Goddard Riverside Community Center.

I teach a class Friday from 11am to noon for patients at the W. 15th Mt. Sinai Cancer Center.

I teach a “home” class on Friday from 1PM to 2PM. Contact me.

T’ai Chi Chih is a gift to humanity”- Justin Stone

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We experience that we inhabit the internal space of the whole body at once. Wherever we are in contact with the internal space of our body, we are open to the oneness of fundamental consciousness.”

-Judith Blackstone, Realization Process

My cat with dragon sculpture

My cats are seekers as well

“Events have their own timing and must be allowed to unfold in their own way. Like a flower blooming, there is no way to rush it. This is the inherent intelligence of the CHI being expressed.”

-(Patience by Ed Altman)


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